Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Rise of the United Socialist States of America (USSA)

Hello Comrade!

You don't need to fear our country sliding down some slippery slope and becoming a communist nation.  We are already there.  Welcome to the USSA (United Socialist States of America).

It is not my intention to tie up any more of your time than necessary.  I know that you are soon due back to the factory and that you are only allotted 23 minutes a day on the government controlled intra-media-source, so I will make this quick.  As a side-bonus, making this article short will lower the chance of Czar Cass Sunstein flagging you for reading a terrorist website.  So read faster.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are soon to be bailed out by another stimulus package.  This will give the federal government control of 95% of the mortgages in the country.
  Government controlled housing.

The passed Health Care Program
  Government decides who lives and  who dies.

The passed Health Care Program (what it has to do with Health Care I don't know)
  Government now decides who goes to college, where they go to college, what career they are allowed to study.

Government/Union bonds in Washington (Through Unions and CardCheck)
  Government is working on who will get to work, where, how much they get paid.  Complete employment control of entire population.

Government patents
  Government is setting up infrastructure to turn off electricity to your house if you use more than your alloted environmental credits for the month.

Government Stimulus Package bailing out the banks
  Government control of entire economic system of the country.

Health Care Program
  Government now (through your doctor/your bank aka debit card purchases) can not tell you what foods you are allowed to eat, how much food you can eat, and how often you can eat.

In what way are we not the USSA now?

While we bicker and haggle about saving our country, little do we know, it is already lost.

--Each of the topics above can be lengthy articles on their own.  Feel free to take one and run with it and/or start comments and debates about each one as you like.

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