Monday, December 27, 2010

Religion of Peace: Murders Christians in Nigeria

News Report from Nigeria.  Religion of Peace pulls Christians out of church and murders them.


A short distance away a linked car bombing by the Religion of Peace had more peaceful demonstrations.


BMG said...

Muslims have an incredible amount of blood on their hands, and that will continue no matter what. All of this from the 'loving', 'peaceful' religion of Islam. And here I sit *STILL* waiting for the so-called moderate Muslims to stand up and denounce such actions. I'm very sure I'll be disappointed yet again. That leads me to believe that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. That leads me to believe that they are *ALL* extremists. After all, if they aren't actively condemning such actions then that means that they are directly condoning those same abhorrent acts.

'Loving' and 'peaceful' religion of Islam? More like the hate-filled, genocidal cult of murder otherwise known as Islam. Looks like all this talk of, "We're at war with terrorists not Islam" is false. Looks more to me like we *ARE* at war with Islam.

The Muslim motto:
"Support our peaceful religion or we'll kill you."

Carl McPherson said...

Precisely Ben. I've been blowing this horn of warning for a long time now and people are still sleeping.
Their Quran explains very plainly that they are to fake being friends with non-muslims in order to work into their societies and then destroy them. Pretend you are friends in order to conquer them and then kill them.
Why do you think the Crusades happened? Because the Muslim's had pushed their way up into Europe and were killing everyone along the way. The Crusades happened because Muslim is the religion of Satan and if not contained to the desert, he will spread like a plague across the entire planet seeking to devour all how love God and follow God.