Monday, February 7, 2011

Your Background: A Window Into Who You Are

When at work I notice that the other employees (as well as myself) use their Background images on their login of the work computers.  You put a picture on the Background of your monitor after you log in that represents what you like to look at.
One employee puts up a picture taken by the Hubble Telescope, another puts up a picture of hunting in the mountains, etc.

Below is what I now currently have as my Background on my computer.

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Who are you?  What inspires you?  What picture would not be offensive to others in the workplace; but might inspire deep and important conversations with your coworkers?
What's really important enough to talk with others about?

Feel free to post below in the comments links to your favorite Backgrounds that you use at work or that you have on your laptop that start great conversations in public places?

Below are links to more Ronald Reagan pictures I have for work to switch around every so often.

Ron 1
Ron 2
Ron 3
Ron 4


Mike and Rebecca said...

My background on my laptop are my children or pictures they have made for me. No one sees them but me because I work from home.

Now, explain to me why you have Ronald Reagan as your background?

Carl McPherson said...

Ronald Reagan came into office when the Country was at an all time low (it would be nice to get back to those desparate times, it would be a big improvement now).
Jimmy Carter had escorted the Country into double digit unemployment numbers, we had hostages in Iran and no hope of getting them back from a stance of supreme weakness. Our economy had hemoraged to the point of death.
Reagan came in with very distinct purposes and stated them straight up. The government was not the answer, government was the problem. Government gets in the way of prosperity and regulation stiffles creativity and jobs.
He came in with an overwhelming majority of the Country desparate for someone to lead the country away from the socialist system that Carter had ushered in.
Reagan stood for personal responsibility and not expecting the government to hold people up. That people should not expect their State to hold them up, nor their neighborhoods. That people needed to suck it up, put in more hours, work harder, make sacrifices (if allowed to keep more of your money=less taxes) then you would have an honest chance of making something better out of your life.
Step 1: Lower Taxes
Step 2: Get government out of people's lives and let them thrive.
Step 3: Restore the military, which Carter had squandered.
Step 4: Let America thrive and stay out of the way.
Shazahm! America climbs straight upward in quality of life and economy and everyone finds work and improves their lives.
Now.. we are right back (and worse) than when we were under Carter.
We need people to stand up. We need people to get involved and elect people to office that will not only limit government, but cut taxes, remove government programs completely (medicare, medicade, social security) and even cut the military 50% by removing bases from Japan, South Korea, The Azores, The U.K., Germany, Italy, etc etc etc. Stop playing the world police-man and put those men and women on our borders.
There are litterally billions of $'s that could be cut if we can elect the right people to office and then hold their feet to the fire daily to keep them from becoming corrupted like all those sent to D.C. before them.
I think I could go on for days about why I like Ronald Reagan.