Thursday, March 10, 2011

Public Sector Unions in Less Than 4 Minutes

So what's the deal going on with all these Unions throwing fits and screaming.. starting fights, getting violent and causing riots in our State capitals? Don't understand where the angst is coming from? The big evil corporations and government is holding them down? Down with the Man!!??

Here's a great video to share with your friends and family that don't pay attention to much beyond their job and direct family.

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This is exactly how it works. I am ashamed to say I worked for unionized public company. I didn't belong to he union cause Florida is a right to work state.
But my hubby, he was one of those union heads that worked to elect officials. It made for some ugly arguments.

BMG said...

As stated by Albert Shanker (President of the United Federation of Teachers from 1964 to 1984 as well as President of the American Federation of Teachers from 1974 to 1997): "When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children."

Public sector unions are a virus that is killing the host. They absolutely have to be diminished in order for this country to survive. Public sector unions rank right below entitlements like Obamacare, social security, medicare and medicaid as the most damaging things being inflicted upon our economy.

I was at the Tea Party rally in Tallahassee, FL on Mar 08. The union protesters across the street were bussed in from all over the country and even then their numbers were only 2/3 what ours were and all of our people were from Florida. I spoke to 6 of them. One was a socialist from Italy, one was an anarchist from France, two were communists from Detroit, one was a communist from Chicago and the last one wouldn't tell me what his political affiliation or hometown was. The numbers of pro-union protesters at these various rallies are completely unimpressive and represent paid protesters from all over the place. When viewed with that knowledge in mind it becomes obvious that what you have is an attempt to sway public opinion through the use of artificially inflated protester numbers.

Just like the polls in Wisconsin. The socialist union-supporters grasp at the one poll that says that Walker's popularity slipped down to 43% and they completely ignore the handful of other union-related polls that all swing against the unions by a 2-1 margin. That illustrates that the unions have lost this fight already...across the entire nation. The dominoes have started to fall and that is really bad for unions and the democrats...but really good for the country. The recall effort on the part of the unions will go nowhere. But I'm happy they are going to do it...because when it does fail they will be further demoralized and also, they will have to spend gobs of money in the wasted effort. It's a win for the country and that's a good thing!

Carl McPherson said...

Thank you Ben.. fantastic information and response to the blog item. We really should live closer to each other. How about moving back to Alaska? Tanya won't want to though.. man.. what's with wives not wanting Alaskan weather? :)

BMG said...

I sure wouldn't mind moving back. One of these days maybe. Concerning wives not caring for the weather up clue.