Saturday, January 21, 2012

How To Become The World Leader

Watching FoxNews this morning as I was eating my breakfast and getting ready to come in to work on this Saturday morning, the fox news correspondent had on three young Ron Paul supporters.  The oldest of the group was 25 and the youngest I believe was 17.

Their eyes were full of wonder and amazement as if unicorns strolled down the street when Ron Paul's name was mentioned and they were eager to walk as close to him as they could in case he passed gas; because that smells like flowers too you know.

One of the students commented that the reason he supported Ron Paul was because Ron Paul is the only one serious about cutting the budget and was the only one that was honest and told people the truth.


I was tempted to make this entire blog entry about the ignorance of this naive kid but I thought longer on it and will tie it into a larger blog with a greater statement.

To first address this child's understanding about Ron Paul.

Cutting the Budget: Ron Paul followers are bragging that Ron Paul says he will cut the budget by 1 trillion dollars.  They say he's the only candidate on the GOP side that is even considering cutting the budget.

Apparently they are completely ignorant of the fact that Rick Santorum has been talking a 1.3 trillion dollar budget cut (5 trillion over 5 years), thus making Ron Paul's "serious" budget cuts look like a joke.

Next his honesty:  Ron Paul has been a Texas congressman for 35 years now.  During that time he and his followers brag that Ron Paul has never once voted in support of any pork for his own congressional district.  That he stands on high and Holy ground above the fray of corrupt politics and funding and deals and deceit in trying to blackmail other congressmen so he can get money back to his own congressional district.  Oh my how they go on about how "pork" in a bill is so wrong and is the reason for all corruption and the woes of the Country.

Again.. the useful idiots that follow Ron Paul are either so naive and mis-informed that they're almost cute and cuddly in their stupidity, or they are just mindless puppets.  For the last 35 years Ron Paul has not voted for any bill that has had "pork" in it for his district.  This is true.  But do you know the game he's been playing for over three decades and why he keeps getting re-elected?

Ron Paul pushes for a bill to get passed, he campaigns and promotes and wheels and deals with the other congressman to get a lot of support behind a bill.  Once Ron Paul is sure that the bill will pass with overwhelming support he packs in LOADS of pork, bridge money, road money.. "free federal money" for his own district and then he votes NO on the bill.  Guess what... he voted no on the bill and he also got millions of dollars back to his congressional district in the same move.  He can continue to say that pork is evil and wrong and is corrupting politics and that he has and never will vote for any bill with pork in it.

Ron Paul is deceitful, lying, manipulative... oh yeah.. so very honest.

Now.. how do you become the next World Leader?

Did you see how Obama got elected?  He got these college age kids (bless their hearts for being so wide eyed and full of hope for life still) are utterly putty and ignorant about real life yet and played them like an old fiddle.  Pump them full of platitudes and one liners and they aren't jaded enough by life to actually fact-check the drek you're shoveling on them and they will believe whatever you say and start marching to your tune and doing all the work for you to find other supporters to join in the cause.  Bamf.... You become the world leader.

The Ron Paul example above:  Pump out more platitudes and sound like you're tired of the current system and want to really change things up and fix the world (even though you are lying and a major cause of the problems going on in the system... but hey.. the little college minds that will believe anything you say and never question you or seek the actual facts and truth.. will just follow right behind you and march to your step too).  Bamf... Ron Paul-ites created.

How about in Tucson in the school district that is teaching the LaRaza curriculum that is teaching students to rise up in violent overthrow to seek the destruction of the U.S. Government so that Mexico can take over 1/3 of the United States.  The curriculum is based on racial hatred and it works great.  You've got Junior High and High School students that haven't developed their critical thinking skills enough in life that just start marching to the drum you're beating and just repeating all the hate too.  Mindless drones for your cause created.
Link to blog entry about this curriculum here in Arizona: ( click here )

How again did Hitler come to power?

It's frustrating to see the same mistakes of history being repeated over and over again.  Perhaps mankind doesn't deserve much better than what it is getting.  Perhaps we, as humanity is just too stupid and we deserve whatever we get?


Delnorin said...

A supporter of La Raza and Ron Paul all in one person?
I think you just did more damage to Ron Paul's cause than anyone else could ever do.

Spooky stuff here.

marie ellis said...

some people have no idea what they are talking about. lol