Monday, July 5, 2010

Obama's NASA Czar - Al Jazeera

Okay, so I stumble across this video in my fishing on the internet for curious things to make note of and to ponder...

We have below a video of the head of NASA explaining how Mr. Obama came to him and laid out his purpose as leading NASA; gave him his orders and told him how he wanted NASA to be run:
1. Reinspire children in science and math.
2. Expand international relations.
3. Reach out to the Muslim world and make them feel good.

Um... What the?!

Number one makes since and has probably been part of the public relations of NASA since it was created.

Number two... okay, starting to scratch my head just a little bit. But to a point it makes since because 80% of all scientist trained in our universities in the United States graduate and go back to their home countries around the world. So most scientist that we train here don't even live here. So perhaps it's an admission that we have lost our scientific edge and inginuity. As a side note: Congratulations to our school system which has managed to succeed in producing a generation of illiterate feebleminded voters.

Number three.. Um.. Okay, so what does NASA have to do with being a Public Relations machine to cozy up to the Muslim world?

I had to do a bit of research to find what sort of contribution the Muslim world to this point has really done in leading space exploration.

I managed to find this, "While a number of Muslim countries have space agencies, and even home built satellites, primarily communication and weather sats, only one Muslim country claims to have its own capability to launch things into low Earth orbit. That country is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran's space program is thought by most analysts to be designed to develop ballistic missiles capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction against targets in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia, Europe and North America."  (source of quote)

So, if we are reaching out to share space exploration technology; I would think we would focus out efforts on the country(ies) that would offer the greatest exchange of ideas. Iran?

Is this like Clinton selling military secrets to China? What's the end game here? Other than the fact that we know Obama hates America, wants to see Israel destroyed and is a supporter of terrorists.. oh.. well when you put all the pieces together I guess the picture gets rather clear doesn't it.

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Carl McPherson said...

Something just occurred to me.

Wonder if Obama wants to make sure Iran can link up with our Satalites and know when/where Israel is coming with their aircraft to hit their nuclear facilities? ?