Monday, July 19, 2010

Now Is The Time To Take A Stand !

The purpose of this article is to implore black men and black women to cast off the shackles of slavery and to stand free beside me as equals.

It has been heavy on my heart the way black people in my country have been treated since pre-civil war times.

The 'North' States during the creation of the constitution had to barter with the "South" States and work out agreements in order to nail down a set of rules and foundation on which to build this country.  The South would have nothing to do with removing slavery.  Their economy depended upon it and they would walk away from the table and refuse to become a part of the United States if forced to give it up.

If the South gained a majority of power there would be no hope of ever removing slavery from the country.  Something called the 3/5ths compromise was decided upon.  If each slave was counted as a whole(1) person, the South would have far too much influence and slavery would never be abolished.  If each slave was not counted at all, the south would easily be overthrown in numbers in the government representatives and then slavery would be outlawed.. thus the South refused to join.  So.. the compromise was that each slave would be counted as 3/5ths of a vote/person; also... a road to the reduction and gradual removal of slavery was laid out for the future.  (Supporting Data)

The issue of slavery continued as the South kept a tight fist on the issue of slavery and did not live up to their promises that were made at the time of the 3/5ths compromise.  Several States of the north had already abolished slavery and pressure grew from the churches and communities to abolish this horrid treatment of other men and women.

The Republican party was created by anti-slavery people that were determined to make a change and rid this country of slavery.  (Supporting Data)

But what of the 3/5ths compromise do black men and black women get taught in school?  What do black men and black women get taught about the Republican Party?

They are taught in public schools that Republicans are evil and don't consider them equals; that the 3/5ths compromise was the North and Republicans saying that a black man is only worth 3/5's of a white man.  No where in the public school education are black men and black women told that it was the Democrat controlled South (slave owners) that wanted to keep them as slaves to this very day; that were bartering and promising to gradually remove slavery; just to lie with no intention of ever freeing black men and black women from slavery.  (Supporting Data)

Are black men and black women in public schools taught that it was the Democrat party that opposed the Civil Rights laws of 1964.  Are black men and black women in public schools taught that their beloved Democrat Senator Byrd was a recruiter for the KKK and in 1944 he wrote to Senator Theodore Bilbo, "I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side . ." and said he would sooner die a thousand deaths and see Old Glory trampled into the ground than to do so; at his request he appeared in the movie Gods and Generals as a confederate general; he filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act; and he was the only senator to vote against confirming Clarence Thomas and Thurgood Marshall to the United States Supreme Court.  (Supporting Data)  But the Democratic Party didn't suddenly find love for black men and women because Senator Byrd is now dead; no, they are still filled in their ranks with racists.  (Supporting Data)

Are black men and black women in public schools taught that it was the Republican Party that introduced the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 when they were a minority and outnumbered by the Democrats?  But that it was the Democrats that filibustered to prevent it from becoming law?

Did you know that it was brought to the floor of congress long before by Republican Senator Charles Sumner's 1875 Civil Rights Act..  Where again; the Democrats threw it out and would have nothing to do with providing rights for black men and black women in this country.  (Supporting Data)

So; why did Obama get 95% of the black vote in the last presidential election?  Why; election after election, decade after decade do the black men and women of this country vote and support and chant with almost religious fervor to support the people that never wanted them to break the bonds of slavery?  Never wanted them to get the right to vote? Never wanted them to share their drinking fountains or eat at their same counters or ride in the front of the buses?  Why do black men and women insist on being so blindly devoted to the political party that seeks to hang them from trees in nooses?  (Supporting Data)

This article only scratches the surface of this subject.  There are literally dozens of subjects which this problem encompasses and it would take at least three books to cover them all properly.

But I have to ask.. no; I have to challenge black men and black women to dare to walk away from the people that for centuries have wanted to (literally) enslave them.  (Link To Someone That Decided To Stop Being The Slave)

After the civil war, reconstruction was the North forcing the South to free their slaves.  Did it change the hearts of those slave owners and get them to treat the newly freed slaves as equals?  No, it created the KKK, separate drinking fountains; and the list goes on and on.  It created a new and equally ugly type of hate and human embarrassment.

I know this will skim over a great many issues which each deserve their own article or even an entire book printed about them, but this article would be incomplete without bringing them up.

I need each of you to ask if the following list of positions is something you wanted when you voted for Obama.  Go down the list and keep count of all the issues which your blind support has given out country.

1.  Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has given us increased federal tax funding to overseas abortions.  $50 million here, it's illegal for military bases here in the States to give abortions, but overseas Obama found a loop-hole to kill more babies here.

2.  Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has taken money from your paycheck, your children's paychecks, your grand children's paychecks in order to give Trillions of dollars to banks across the country.  (Supporting Data)

3.  Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has ensured that our men and women in uniform are still in Iraq and Afghanistan.

4.  Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has ensured that the Bush Tax cuts are going to be allowed to expire; and thus you will see your taxes going up because Obama thinks he can spend your paycheck better than you can.

5.  Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has allowed NASA to have their space program gutted and their new top priority to become traveling around the world to make sure the Muslim world feels good about themselves.  (Supporting Data)

6.  Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has ensured an environmental catastrophe of epic proportions in the Gulf of Mexico so that he can get enough ecological damage to push his green agenda.  (Supporting Data)  A President to determined to line the pockets of his rich ivestor friends that he will sacrifice the jobs and livlihoods of millions of people in the Gulf of Mexico to ensure a state of emergency strong enough to give him more dictatorial power.  (Supporting Data)

7. Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has given the United States of America the worst episode of prolonged unemployment since the Great Depression.  (Supporting Data)  With unemployment now reaching around 22% nationally.  (Supporting Data)

8.  Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has ensured a weakening of Israel and support of the Terrorist group Hamas.  (Supporting Data) (Additional Supporting Data)

9.  Devotion to the Democrat Party and Obama has given us a President that is a Racist and who wishes to see your country destroyed.  (Supporting Data)

This list could go on beyond the buffer of my 8 Gigga-bytes of RAM.

This is the time in our country when black men and black women and their children have a chance to break the chains of slavery from around their ankles.  This is the time in our country when black men and women and their children can have real hope.

Please, I implore you to stop playing the part of the battered wife.  Leave your cruel and degrading and abusive relationship and stand up for yourself.  You will find tremendous support and acceptance from your fellow Americans.

Don't just vote for someone with an R (Republican) by their name; because many of them over the years have been corrupted by power as well.  Search for a candidate that supports what you believe in and who has a track record of actually keeping to their beliefs -after- they actually get elected.

Please, I beg you.  We can not help you; if you do not decide to help yourself.  Please stop being the puppet of the Democrat Party.  You are being used and abused and mocked as an entire race of suckers.  Please; be enraged as you should be.  Demand respect by taking action at the ballot box this fall.

Please !!!

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