Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Are The Real Unemployment Numbers

So, what's the deal with the unemployment numbers?

We can be told the unemployment is at 9.8% and then be told that 500,000 jobs have been lost in the month.
Oh dear, bad news.  We need to fix this problem.

But wait, the government tells us that unemployment went down to 9.7%.

Okay, now to all of you out there that didn't go to government school (public school) or who were able in spite of that learned math anyway; how does that add up?

If you lost half a million jobs, how does the unemployment go down?

Sneaky little trick the government is doing because they think you are too stupid to pay attention.

If Joe or Jane stops looking for work after being unemployed for 18 months and their unemployment runs out.  The government doesn't consider them unemployed any longer.  So.. they count them as working now.

Yes, it's obvious our government has smoked so much crack they're not any longer useful for any purpose other than tragic humor.

Here is the chart from (Alternate Unemployment Charts) that accounts for the people that can't find job and their unemployment has run out.

But don't be concerned.

I'm putting on my Jedi voice now and waving a hand in front of your face, "These are not the unemployment numbers you are looking for".

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Motivestobuy.com said...

On a happier note, (not) those are the same people who will receive a tax refund for not working and won't have to worry about health insurance; our government, isn't it wonderful!