Thursday, June 24, 2010

87 Senators (87%) Send Obama Letter To Support Isreal


87% of the Senators of the United States of America found that it was necessary to pull their rabid president back from his frothing mouth Jew hating beliefs.

87 Senators signed a letter requesting President Obama take a Pro-Israel stance in policies from now on.  A similar letter drawn up by Congressman had over 300 signatures asking Hitler.. I mean, Obama to stop being so Anti-Israel.

Hmm.. let me find a link or something of somewhere reporting on this so it's not just me ranting about something.. but some actual news to back it up.

87 Senators Tell Obama: Stand Behind Israel!
87 Senators Oppose U.N. Flotilla Inquiry
87 US Senators Support Israel Self-Defense

1 comment: said...

and yet the main stream media has nothing to say about it. I found out through Glenn Beck. What a surprise.
this is again playing into the end times- Israel will stand alone- at least as a nation, because I know many people who love Israel and are very opposed to what this muslim loving president is all about