Friday, June 25, 2010

Travel Update

Scheduled the shuttle pickup at 10:45 pm, today got a call (recording) saying they were picking me up at 10:30 pm, got home at 10:08, pet the cat, pulled the laptop out of my pack and wires/mouse, got phone call at 10:15 saying driver was outside.
You know me with leaving in a rush. Ack!
Still feel like I forgot something but pretty sure I did not (check lists).
At airport right now at 11:00 pm sitting at boarding waiting. Lots of people waiting. Teen/early 20's guy across from me has headphone playing the opening theme song to Glenn Beck's radio show. I struck up a conversation (of course) and turns out it's just a random song on his IPod by a group called Muse, song is called Uprising. But me asking and mentioning Glenn Beck in a somber boarding area suddenly lit everyone up and we all started talking like we've been friends forever.
Boarding starts in 30 minutes.
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