Friday, June 11, 2010

YouTube Alternative

I think the world needs to flush YouTube and find an alternative video post site.  I'm going to start researching different places to post videos.

I logged onto YouTube today and got a nasty-gram about copyright material, etc.  They removed one of my videos saying it was copyrighted.  Strangely.. it's posted in hundreds of places all over the internet and there isn't an issue with it.. except with YouTube.

Strangely, if you are very frequent in the political videos on YouTube you run into this quite often.  Anything that slams Obama mysteriously gets erased, anything that puts out facts about Obama will strangely vanish.  I think I'm tired of sending people to YouTube's website.. time to look for a new company to use.

This is a test of the new Video posting service that I am trying out.  Below is only a test.  If this were a real emergency you would be directed to go anywhere, but YouTube.  (mutter: Fascist Pigs.. hee-hee)


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