Friday, June 25, 2010

BP Videos and News

I've just started digging into the video footage of various things on the BP Gulf issue.  I'm going to put up some videos here.  Some I have watched all the way through, some I haven't watched yet.  I'm packing and getting ready to head to Michigan tomorrow and just wanted to get this up for now.  I'll probably make comments on the videos in the comments section or in the discussion area of the Blog's Facebook Group.

Feel free to start discussions yourself on the Blog Facebook Group while I'm offline.  Dig in, learn.

60 Minutes Program called The Blowout - It has 4 sections to this video so they could fit it on YouTube's 10 minute video limits.

These next five videos are an Extra footage they offered about one of the men in the previous videos, a survivor storage of one o the men on the rig when it blew up.

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