Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tactical Nuke Can Seal Off BP Oil Leak

A couple weeks back I was listening on the radio to some retired military officer talking about using a tactical nuclear weapon to seal off the BP oil leak.  He said it had been used in the past with success and could work in this situation as well.

I found a video of it.

Here is a real good follow up after watching the video above.



Motivestobuy.com said...

I heard about this nuclear option but have never seen this video. I wouldn't put it pass them to use it. God help us, Carl.

Carl McPherson said...

The video shows that if done properly (down below the permeable soil/ground layers.. that it also shields from radiation problems. Make it down deep enough and there are no radiation issues at all.

The biggest issue I see though is that it's a mile deep. Drilling a parallel shaft and then curving it in next to the leaking shaft might require an entire drilling rig.

I don't know enough about deep sea drilling to know if it can be done from a floating/boat platform or not.

Motivestobuy.com said...

after reading more on this i have come to two conclusions:
the tunnels that have to be drilled have to be just right, hitting the proper place to inject the nukes. failure to insert them correctly could cause the tectonic plates to shift, and in turn we could experience a tidal wave.
another senerio brings the collapse of the ocean floor and a massive volcano spewing toxins, and every kind of sand, rock, etc. into our atmosphere.
neither a very pleasant outcome. let's hope if it is done, that it will work.

Motivestobuy.com said...

i love your beck widget

Carl McPherson said...

Very good points.
The movie from the past was on land where there is a significantly higher level of drilling control (in my limited knowledge anyway that seems logical).
A tidal wave.. a very important thing to also consider. Well done Marie, thank you.

Carl McPherson said...

The Widget is a YouTube widget. It goes to my YouTube account and pulls videos off it to display there. As more videos are added to YouTube the Beck Videos might get displaced.
Which.. makes me wonder.. maybe I can make a new YouTube account just for Free-Speech-While-It-Lasts videos. :) Leave family stuff out that way.