Thursday, June 24, 2010

Martial Law Is Coming To America Soon - Get Prepared

Warning: Reading this may change your life forever.

Our current government has a checklist they go down so that they can determine if you are a domestic terrorist or not. Big deal right? How does that effect me? I mean; seriously, I'd never even think about blowing something up, or killing someone. Surely I'm safe, right?

I don't need to worry about getting thrown in prison or moved off to a re-education camp/confinement because I'd never get put on a list like that. That's for the Timothy McVee types and the Muslims right? Sure, I'm sure that's it.

Wonder what sort of things are on that checklist the government is using to put people on the list?

1. Religious
2. Pro-Life
3. If someone believes in Prophecy
4. If someone disagrees with any Federal policy
5. If someone believes the border should be secured
6. If someone believes that marriage is between one man and one woman
7. If you own any gun
8. If you have been in the military
9. If you think the federal government is spending too much money
10. If you did not vote for one of the two acceptable party candidates (R or D).
11. If you talk about a highway being built between Canada and Mexico.
12. If you have watched the movie at
13. If you speak out against the Federal Reserve
14. If you speak out against the United Nations
15. If you speak out against the North American Union
16. If you speak out against the New World Order
17. If you complain about Income Taxes
18. If you speak out against the radio frequency chips being put in your kids

Well.. sorry to tell you this.  But since you've made it to the end of this blog entry and watched the video, you have been linked to this website for longer than 1 minute.  You are likely flagged as a domestic terrorist now.

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