Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Wish I Could Say American's Aren't Stupid Retards !

Update: I added a video on the end.

This blog entry is the discussion about fear and it's part in politics.  We've all seen it and experienced it.  For weeks in front of any election we hear about the sky falling, starving children, no police officers, all teachers fired and our children will be stupid, on and on and on.

I just don't get why it's effective.  It obviously is effective or these groups wouldn't be spending millions of $ on these types of adds.  Make people feel that their grandmother is going to have to eat dog food, tell people that if you don't vote for this tax increase all the police officers will be fired and the school teachers too.

My question is.. why are the American people so utterly retarded to fall for it... every time?

I envision average American Joe whacking his head against the wall and saying, "My.. that is surprising how much that hurt."  Then he does it again, and he's surprised again; and he keeps doing it without ever learning.

It's an embarrassment.

Here in the town I work for they wanted a tax increase.  What was the pitch?  If you don't pass this tax increase we have to fire police and fire and get rid of teachers too.  WHAT?!?!

Oh, but they will spend countless thousands of dollars on a marble ball in a park and call it a sculpture.  Or they can run literally hundreds of summer programs for yoga, pet photography and cactus prayers to Gaia.

But.. if times get tough and we have to balance a budget.. well.. it's police officers and fireman that will be cut first; that's a given.

I have to fight every day to deal with the embarrassment of breathing the same air as the retards that elect these people and keep them in power.  I don't know why I even am writing this blog entry.. if it's not part of a Simpson's show it won't get seen, it's far too difficult to read something.  Assuming they even know how to read.

Here are several videos that are just some random examples of the fear to get elected/tax increases type advertisements.

Oh yeah.. that worked so well let's revive it and use it for Global Warming in current advertisements.

I pray for the day that people can't be swayed to do whatever the government wants by these retarded commercials.

Just to prove my point, this video was put together very well and shows how utterly stupid so many people are when it comes to politics.

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