Monday, June 13, 2011

Beyond Livid

Okay, so people tell me I can be a little intense.  I'll admit I have a difficult time putting up with abuse, theft, tyranny, socialism, communists.. and overall anyone that wants to subject me and my family to a form of slavery.

Seems like a nature response.. but some people think it's extream to say you don't want to be someones slave.

So... when I opened up the newspaper (buy it for the coupons, not the articles) and this picture jumped out at me as well as the column title "Low Income Adults At Risk of Losing Medicaid".

The concept is that we should be weeping and on our knees begging for higher taxes so that we can keep people enjoying free medical coverage while they are at home and not working, while they are picking up their free government checks, their free food coupons, etc.  While we are clipping coupons and cutting corners out of the family budget down to the bare bones... we're supposed to feel guilty for not paying higher taxes to keep freeloaders from feeling any 'pinch' or uncomfortable feelings while on the government system.

Zoom in and take a look at the picture of this terribly unfortunate government teet sucker.

1.  He's got $1500 worth of tattoos on his forearm.
2.  He's drinking at $5 Starbucks drink.
3.  He's wearing titanium rings.. on both hands.
4.  His wife/girl has a $300+ purse.
5.  He's got $100+ sunglasses.

Um... Um..
Sorry, the words that come to mind are inappropriate and not proper to be voiced or typed.

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larryh said...

he probably drove up in an SUV, not new, but a 2009 with rims and 32 inch tires pulling a trailer with 2 quads on it. with all the extra time on their hands, they have to find something to keep them amused. everyday is a day off. said...

I was equally as appalled yesterday when I learned how the food stamp program works here in Florida. The recipient is given a card (looks like a visa or master card) which is called the access card. A list of all allowable foods is supplied. Here's the kicker: it has a pin number and at check out or at certain ATM s they are asked if they would like cash back. There is absolutely no control over how this supposed "food" ration money can be used. By allowing cash withdraws money can be used for whatever.
It's no wonder people fall all over themselves to obtain it.

Amusing Bunni said...

I'm sick of this crap too!
Can't wait until Nov. 2012, if we last that long.

Anonymous said...

Up until VERY recently EBT cards could be used in casinos and strip clubs. How did they find out? Someone audited the program and found these problems. There needs to be periodic review of ALL government aid programs, medical, and insurance programs.

To add to that Gov. Moonbeam Brown just approved schools teaching gay history to my kid in school!
Signed a Heated SoCAl Conservative.