Friday, June 17, 2011

GOP Canidates Pros and Cons

The List


Rick Santorum


          1. Proposes drilling for oil/natural gas, etc wherever we have those
               resources in the Country.
          2. Wishes to bring down the corporate tax rate.
          3. Wants to cut capital gains tax to 0% for 5 years, then raise it back up to
               1/2 of the rate that it is today.
          4. Would support a federal right-to-work law. (This means that people can
               not be forced to work for a socialist union to get a job).
          5.  Very strong against abortion and gay marraige.
          6.  Strongly opposed the Patriot Act.
          7.  Proposes border fence with Mexico.
          8.  Strongly opposes a progressive tax.
          9.  Strongly approves of parents using school vouchers.
        10.  Strongly approves privatizing social security.
        11.  Strongly supports our rights to keep and bear arms.
        12.  Strongly supports teacher led prayer in schools.
        13.  Strongly supports death penalty.
        14.  Strongly opposes same sex marraige.
        15.  Pro-Life
        16.  "Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem." (Nov 1995)
        17.  Supported by Glenn Beck (November 2011)
        18.  Supported by Rush Limbaugh (January 31, 2012) ? ?


          1.  Supports affirmative action.
          2.  In 1996, endorsed Arlen Specter for President (Wikipedia)


Newt Gingrich


          1.  Has demanded a balanced budget amendment (2010).
          2.  Negotiated 1998 budget: first one balanced since 1969.
          3.  1995 budget: cut taxes, regulations, & spending.
          4.  "Bailout combines bad policy with worst of Detroit's decay." (Jul 2009)
          5.  Helped oust Iowa justices who approved same-sex marriage. (May
          6.  Wants to discontinue affirmative action programs. (Nov 1998)
          7.  "NEA includes most bizarre & extreme misuse of tax funds." (July
          8.  "Convert decommissioned military bases into prisons." (Jun 1995)
          9. "Offer coupons to send kids to schools that work best." (Dec 2007)
         10.  "Removing God from Pledge of Allegiance assaults our identity. (Dec
         11.  Voted YES on giving federal aid only to schools allowing voluntary
               prayer. (Mar 1994)
        12.  2008 petition drive: Drill here, Drill now, Pay less.
        13.  Promotes building new nuclear plants.
        14.  "Kyoto treaty is bad for the environment and bad for America." (Dec
         15.  Against Cap and Trade.
         16.  Does not believe in Junk Science Man Caused Global Warming.
         17.  Against marraige tax penalty.
         18.  Supporter of "American Exceptionalism"
         19.  "Insist on judges who understand our rights come from God." (Dec
         20.  Contract With America: deep cuts in Medicare/Medicaid/taxes.
         21.  Promotes our rights to have guns.
         22.  Wants to repeal Obama-care.
         23.  "Deport 55,000 illegal aliens with multiple arrest records." (Dec 2007)
         24.  Firm stance against socialist unions.
         25.  Proposes 50% of FICA to go into private retirement programs.
         26.  Wants 0% capital gains tax.
         27.  "NASA bureaucrats hijacked the great space adventure." (Dec 2007)

         28.  "Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem." (Nov 1995)
         29.  Strongly supports teacher led prayer in school.
         30.  Strongly supports death penalty.
         31.  Strongly supports school vouchers.
         32.  Strongly supports churches taking lead in Welfare.
         33.  Strongly opposes letting ILLEGAL aliens to earn their citizenship.
         34.  Strongly opposes the Patriot Act.
         35.  Supported by Herman Cain.


          1.  Neutral on gay marraige/partnership.
          2.  Broke the 11th commandment in politics "You shall not say anything bad about a fellow


Mitt Romney


          1. Says he helped introduced bill to repeal Obama-care (but still says States
               should be able to treat their citizens as socialist slaves).
          2.  Supported by Chris Christie.


          1. Keeps talking and ignores the moderator in debates.
          2. Massachusetts Governor that created socialist healthcare. He still
               believes that States have the right to create small socialist/communist
               governments at the State level.
          3.  Will not sign promise to support Pro-Life position.
          4.  Supported by Bill Clinton.
          5.  Supported by John McCain (Douch-bag: Arizona Rion).
          6.  Broke the 11th commandment in politics "You shall not say anything bad about a fellow
          7.  Supported by Lisa Murkowski (Alaska Rino).
          8.  Supported by George H. W. Bush (another progressive)
          9.  Supported by Tim Pawlenty
        10.  Supported by Paul Babeau (in bed with John McCain, another progressive)


Ron Paul


          1. Wants to stop all foreign aid.
          2. He does not want us to meddle with Isreal's policies.
          3. He is stedfast against Unions.
          4. He wants to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afgahnistan.


          1. He is in support of gay marraige in that States should be in charge.
          2. Wants to leagalize marijuana, gay marraige, cocaine, etc. Let each State
               make their own law.
          3. Would not support water boarding under any circucumstances
          4. He wants to sell off the Countries gold reserves.
          5. Brags that he never voted for a bill with pork in it.  He pushes and promotes bills until he knows that
              no matter how he votes the bill will pass.  Then he stuffs the bill full of pork for his own district and
              then votes no on the bill.  Deceitful, manipulative and very low honesty and integrity.


Michelle Bachmann     

Herman Cain

Jon Hunstman

Gary Johnson

Tim Pawlenty


Anonymous said...

Here is some input on some of the candidates.

M. Bachmann
Strong Pro-family message
Good TEA party representative

Already Palin-ized by MSNBC and MSM
Needs to refine her message but could beat Obummer.

Can scrap with Obama no holds bar on all areas of the debate w/out the "race card being played.

Deputy chairman (1992–94) and chairman (1995–96) of the board of directors to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (Wikkipedia). Will not audit or abolish the FED!!!

been in the trenches and has practical experiences in politics but broke the 11th commandment of politics "you shall not say anything bad about fellow Republicans" (ala Reagan).

Political Baggage divorced sick wife and recent lack of confidence of large portions of his staffers resigned.
Weak finances.

Favorite GOP candidate of MSNBC.

Favorite GOP candidate of MSNBC.


Who? Hahaha no name recognition

Wildcard! In this time of uncertainty do Americans really want to roll the dice on a wildcard? Too many variables to this guy.

Spineless even when he is right you got this guy right on the head Carl.

BIG Rino!
Obama lite.


Do Americans really want another condescending elitist for president?
In 1996 he endorsed Arlen Specter for president. (Wikipedia) Ugh, aka the Republican that switched and became a Democrat giving the Dem's a super Majority in the Senate. Obamacare and many evils resulted

Signed a Heated SoCAl Conservative

Carl McPherson said...

Perfect comments... I appreciate the help and insight in collecting information.
Thank you!

BMG said...


Well, I guess it comes down to this for me (all just my opinion of course):

1) Romney isn't any better than Obama. Voting for Romney may as well be a vote for Obama frankly.

The Democrats have been making a big show the last year or so in 'gearing up' to oppose Romney thereby putting on the impression that Romney has already won the Republican Primary and he is the guy that will be opposing Obama. This was a tactic to get that idea in the heads of the Republican voters like a subliminal message in order to improve his chances of being the nominee. Here's the thing, that never was a done deal as we can see with Santorum taking Iowa and Newt taking South Carolina. It's an effort to 'choose' the Republican candidate.

So what happens if Romney wins the primary? Well, in my opinion it becomes a win win situation for the democrats. He will not undo the stuff that Obama has foisted upon us...he may even continue with those horrible policies! If he wins, the democrats will still have made considerable gains from Obama for the reason I just outlined.

Furthermore, any supreme court justices he installs will be just like Anthony Kennedy - siding with the liberal side of the court half the time and giving us abhorrent decisions like the recent 'eminent domain' case. The court is currently made up of 4 conservative, 4 liberal and moderate (Kennedy) justices. Kennedy therefore, has all the power on the supreme court. Obamacare is going to be decided by that one wishy-washy guy. I believe that Ginsberg (liberal) and Scalia (conservative) are the next two that may be retiring in the very near future.

And lastly, he is almost assured of having a failed presidency just like Obama - which puts the democrats in a great position next election cycle to get another Marxist radical (maybe even Obama again!) back into office in 2016.

2) Gingrich could be good or bad. It's extremely difficult to tell. His past screams 'big government establishment' like Romney. Gingrich is preferable to Romney however, but only by a small margin because he is many times more conservative than Romney (which isn't saying much since Romney might just as well be a liberal democrat!).

So Newt is a relative unknown in regards to which way he would govern. He may well have had a conservative epiphany and would be the conservative hero this country needs - as he has been claiming during his campaign. But something just nags at me that he would end up sitting on the couch with Nazi Pelosi smiling gleefully while ramming cap and trade down the throats of the country because he's all concerned about 'anthropogenic global warming'.

BMG said...

Part II:

3) Ron Paul would be absolutely fabulous! is is 100% spot on with his domestic ideas and I completely agree with about 95% of what he has to say. The problem with Ron Paul is his foreign policy. This notion that we need to remain completely unconcerned with world affairs unless we can 'see the nuclear blast from our soil' is certifiably insane. I'm not just talking about straight jacket insane here, I'm talking absolutely 100% batsh*t crazy. The only thing more dangerous (well, maybe just as dangerous) to Ron Paul's foreign policy that I can think of is Obama's foreign policy.

4) So this leaves Rick Santorum. The guy got a bad rap from the press early on because he was always so 'serious' and 'dour' - a real turn off. Because of that reporting, he also got the brush-off by the voters. But his record is strongly conservative.

This leads me to one inescapable conclusion: Rick Santorum is the last actual conservative left in the Republican primary and he seems to be the one at the bottom of the political dog-pile with the least chance of wining the primary. He is also the only one that has a chance (in my opinion) or turning the ship of state around and pulling us back from the brink.

And it also leaves me with a bit of a quandary; who to vote for. Because I live in Florida, my primary is tomorrow (Tuesday, January 31st). I have to decide before then to a) vote for Santorum even though it seems like it would be a wasted vote because he hasn't a prayer of wining or b) vote for Gingrich in the hopes of putting him over the finish line above Romney because of the reasons previously outlined.

Right now I'm leaning toward Santorum because I'm not sure the differences between Gingrich and Romney are enough to make a difference. At least if I vote for Santorum I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror the next morning.


debeug said...

@BMG - hopefully, you will vote so that you can look in the mirror tomorrow. I think there are a lot of people faceing the same delima as you and if they would vote for Santorum because they feel they should, instead of who they feel the media or whoever has already picked, then Santorum will have a shot. I struggled with the same feeling of possibly wasting my vote (stil not certain) but decided to go with my heart!

Delnorin said...

When I moved to Arizona two years ago I registered as an Independent. I was more than happy to shed the irons of the Republican party that had become so liberal and leftest over these last years.
Now I'm having the problem (as well as some other friends in other states).. that though we've left the Republican Party we now don't get a say at all in the GOP candidate.
I wonder how many people left because of that douche-bag John McCain and now the GOP is even further left because so many conservatives left.
Perhaps Santorum would be pulling 60% of the GOP voters in the primary if we were still in there?

BMG said...

So yeah, just got back from voting a short bit ago and I did indeed cast my vote for Santorum. Not that it will matter - it looks as though we're destined to be stuck with the huge pile of crap we currently have in office or the slightly smaller pile of crap that is likely going to win the Republican primary. Really sad state of affairs especially since Santorum is clearly the best one in the bunch and he doesn't appear to have a snowball's chance in Miami, so-to-speak.

Yeah Del, prior to 2008 I had switched to Independent as a show of protest to the Republican party. Florida is like Arizona in that regard though not all the states do that. But then we got saddled with McLooser. I came to realize that all I had accomplished was to remove my voice from the process. After 2008 I switched back to Republican so I could at least have a say in the primary.

Regardless, you'd think that all of the Republican voters out there would have learned something from 2008. Limp wristed moderate politicians are essentially nothing more than democrats. We've heard nothing but griping since Obama took office about how bad the democrats are and now we find ourselves on the verge of nominating a 'democrat' in the Republican primary. How absolutely ridiculous is that?