Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Should Get PhotoShop

I really should get Photoshop.  I have so much fun with just the LAME Windows Paint program and it looks so Hokie when I do it.. but it's so much fun.  Check out these two pictures and then my creative genius after them. (Laugh).

I'm having such a great time with Rose (the name of my Guitar).  I'm learning that memorizing all the chords and getting your fingers just right.. and building up the callouses is very little of what guitar playing really is.  It's all about the strumming and the pick-hand.  You can play about 85% of the songs on the radio with only 4 chords; what makes the difference is what you're doing with your right hand strumming the strings.

I'm just a fledgling musician right now with the guitar and am still working on moving from one chord to the next, trying to get faster and keep them clean sounding.

A long road ahead still.  After I get the guitar playing down where I can do it without much thinking... then I have to tackle singing (oh dear).  Ignore the dogs howling, they're just singing along with me. :)

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