Thursday, October 13, 2011

33 Minutes That Will Open Your Eyes

I've been becoming active at a forum on the net sharing ideas and learning with and from others about political ideas and also far deeper thinking.

That website/Forum can be found here:

While at the site I made a post about some beliefs I have about Christianity and the world around us.  It led me to a specific portion of the forum dedicated to the discussions of Faith, etc.  On that specific part of the forum I stumbled across a few videos.

Those videos I want to share with you.

The first two are interesting and caught my attention enough to convince me to invest 33 minutes of my life to watch the third video.  I'm glad I did.  It's very powerful and educational.

The most encouraging part to me is that completely ignorant and uninformed people that make up a shockingly high percentage of the people you meet on the street... have dramatic and life-altering changes in their thinking after watching the video.

They use the term "180" to describe the completely opposite decision being made by people after they watch this video.  Now.. most that read this blog already know this and have the same viewpoints.. but if you could share it with people that you know are lost and confused and utterly ignorant... it just might make a massive change in their lives.

Make a difference in the world around you.. go out and be the salt of the world.

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obatomy said...

Excellent video. Hubby and I watched it just now. Thanks for posting.