Monday, October 31, 2011

Cain -CAN- Beat O'Bummer

I am posting this blog entry for all those people that insist that they have to get behind Perry or Romney because they say "Cain is un-electable".

I won't delve into the 'no stones' mentality of these people that just whine and don't even try to win against the establishment; but just whimper and vote how they are told by the GOP.  Instead let me point you to an incredible article.

(Entire article can be read here)

"Mr. Perry would, however, steamroll in a general election, topping President Obama 45-37. Mr. Cain leads Mr. Obama 40-35.
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won just 9 percent support among Republicans when it came to their presidential nomination, and he topped Mr. Obama by just 36-34 in a head-to-head matchup."

The article's purpose is to show that even in Texas Cain is beating Perry.  The part that convinced me to take up my own blog space to mention this article was the part where it shows that Cain is now passing O'Bummer in polls for the Presidential election.  Not only that.. but he's beating O'Bummer by even more than Romney in polls.

I just hope the lemmings can see beyond who they are being told to support and not support.. and grow a pair (as well as a spine) and vote for someone other than the established GOP which got us into much of the problems we have today.

Thank you.

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BMG said...

I think people are finally opening their eyes to the fact that Romney should actually be on the democrat ticket - that guy is just Obama-lite. Don't get me wrong, I'd still vote for Romney if it came right down to it because even that filth is actually a step up from Obama.

Look, there are only a couple actual conservatives in the lineup. Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich and Cain. Notice that Paul is not on that list. His isolationism is, frankly, nearly as dangerous to this country as Obama's Marxism.

Santorum and Bachmann don't seem to be electable because they imploded their campaigns early on.

As for Gingrich I'm not 100% convinced he's not an establishment Republican and his past social baggage makes him a really tough sell.

This leaves Cain. I think he's the real deal. To the point that I have donated cash to his campaign...the first time I have done so, EVER.

Right now is where the REAL political fight is for the presidency of 2012. If we don't get an actual conservative in office (by nominating them right now) I seriously think our country will be doomed. Once we get a real conservative into the nomination it doesn't matter after that. The GOP could put a moldy ham sandwich up against Obama in 2012 and win. The real fight is not in's RIGHT NOW...and Cain is the only real choice.