Friday, May 18, 2012


At one point in the history of the United States of America, not so very long ago it was touted as a great virtue to live your life in such a way as to "always be prepared".  Before the Boy Scouts of America was seen as a threat to the Communists working within out Country and were besmirched, belittled and boycotted it was an honorable thing to say you were a scout, raise your hand and salute with your motto "Always be Prepared".

Time has changed though.  No longer is it honorable to be able to provide for yourself and your family.  It's no longer a -good- thing to be independent and not linked at the hip with the Federal Government for your every day needs.

Long long ago (20 years) (please note the mocking sarcasm in my type-tone) it was a disgrace to be on unemployment even a full month before you found whatever work you could get your hands on to bring home a paycheck.  It was a disgrace to be on food stamps.  It was a disgrace to sit in a government supplied home eating government supplied food playing your X-Box purchased with your government supplied paycheck that gives you money for staying poor.

Such days are long gone and an entire generation is being raised believing it is the most natural thing in the world to look to the Federal Government for your health care, for your job, for your vacation allotment, for your transportation, for your food, etc.  I'll save how removing God from school and destroying the authority/structure of family (as people like myself have been warning everyone for decades) has brought us to where we are today; for another blog entry.

There is also an old-school saying: "No use crying over spilled milk".  Meaning; the damage has been done.  It's broken, destroyed and burning to the ground; so... now what do you do?

You adapt, you adjust, you overcome.

With so many threats facing us today,
I don't know what will spark unrest and chaos
but I know it's coming.

Let's take a moment just to 'what if' a couple items:

1.  What happens if Barack Obama is not re-elected in November?
  • Unions stir up their drones and wage-slaves into a frenzy to riot in every major city of the country.
  • A vast majority of the Negros (I decided I will continue to use this term until they disband the "United Negro College Fund" and declare it racist against light colored skin people) will riot, demand that a great injustice (unfair) deed has been done against them.  People like Sharpton and Jackson with Rev. Wright will fan the flames until riots sweep across the country.
  • Several accounts of light skin people being attacked and/or murdered have already happened when a Hispanic man in Florida defended himself and killed Treyvan Martin.  Making the white-man pay.  What do you think it will be like when their Messiah is removed from his throne and these lose that power? (Report in Baltimore) (Report in Chicago) (Report in Alabama)(Report from Kentucky)

What Happens next?

Martial law is what happens next. If the cities become so dangerous that the guy working for the city drinking water plant can't get to work, the guy working for the fire department can't get to work, the guy working for the gas station can't get to work, the highways are so dangerous food can't get to the stores.... society collapses and the government steps in "For the Greater Good". You now have the military in the streets, you have curfews, you have very desperate people climbing over your back wall in the middle of the night to take what you have because your skin is lighter colored than them.

Have you prepared?  Can you defend your home?  Can you or will you even try to get to work?  Do you have food and water to last you and your family?
How long will martial law last?  How long will it take for society to re-balance and the enraged nut-jobs that have been stoked to rape and murder so the Government can step in and take care of everyone; how long before they are put back in their box?
One week?  Three weeks?  Six Months?
Are you prepared to live in a world where if you do not have a wide shaped nose and dark skin; you are a target of large mobs?

2.  Global and Country Economy
  • Europe is collapsing financially.  We're printing more and more money to support a government that is growing logarithmically in wasting your hard earned money (taxes).  A global financial adjustment/depression is coming that will make the last 4+ years of your life look like you were living the good-life.
  • Gas prices are going up, food prices are climbing fast, electricity rates ("Will necessarily need to skyrocket" Barack Obama), etc.  You aren't getting paid more at work but your food will double, triple and go beyond your ability to buy it soon.  You won't have enough money to even drive to work to make enough money to buy food, let alone cover your mortgage rate, pay your electricity bill, water bill, etc.

What happens next?

Runs on the food supply.  Walmart can't keep food on the shelves or things like bottled water, medicine, bleach.  Walmart trucks are escorted by military convoy "For the Greater Good" along with the gas/fuel trucks for the stations.  After all; after the first few Walmart trucks get hijacked on the highway by desperate people we need to restore order and safety in our communities.

How do you get enough money to even buy the food?  Do we start bartering services with the store owners in exchange for food?  We work security for them all week in exchange for three days worth of food for our family?  Do we already have pantries full of food that will last us months?  Is the garden in the back yard ready to harvest enough food to sustain your family for months?  Do you even have a garden?

What do desperate people that blame everyone for their troubles do when they can't even eat?  Perhaps come and take your food?  Perhaps to keep things simple they just kill you and your family so you can't tell the 'military/law' who it was that just robbed you?

Can you protect your pantry?  Can you protect your family?

I've taken only two possible scenarios and asked you to follow down the road of possible outcomes.  I've asked you to piece together things that you have witnessed and know to be true and asked if you are ready to protect you and your family.  Are you trained in how to use a firearm?  Do you know how to defend your family in your home against one or more armed intruders?

I won't turn this blog entry into six hundred MB's of prep discussion but I wanted to encourage people to start researching.  You may not have time to prepare your family fully; but you do have time to take the first step and do -something-.  Please don't show up at my house expecting a free meal and me to protect you.  Every meal I give you is a meal my daughter does not get.  Sorry; you're not going to get a bite if you come to my door.  Now is the time to prepare and man-up.  Take responsibility as the one to protect your family.

Now; by no means am I fully prepared.  With my job freezing pay raises for over 6 years now, gas prices going up, food prices climbing straight up... I'm way behind where I wish I was in preparing.  But... I take little bites and move a step forward as often as I can.  I keep focused.

I started with a pantry and water storage.  Though it is still only a 2-3 months supply it's a start and it continues to be added to.  It's also added a great and profound sense of peace to my wife as she can see a room full of food (security).  Lose your job and needs a few months to find another one?  You at least have food.  The wives love that.

Many prep sites will help you focus and priorities your assets in how to prepare.

Here is my personal "Wish List" on that I am compiling to help me keep track of the items I still need to get.  If my relatives ask what I want for Christmas.. I just point to this page.

Remember: Do not show up at my house unless we work out an arrangement where you're pulling security shift work and you are coming with supplies and/or skills that will make our group stronger.  If you ignore the events in the world around you right now and show up at my door when things go bad, you will not be let in.  If you press the issue; you will be shot.


Delnorin said...

BMG had trouble posting a comment so I'm cut/pasting from his emails he sent me.

Here are a couple catalogs I use to supply my 'if the SHTF' kits:

Here is perhaps the best book about wilderness survival that I have ever found:

Here is an online bulk, store-able food seller:

Of course a firearm or firearms are essential tools for such considerations. No one firearm is capable of filling every role that firearms can fill so it is up to each person to choose for themselves. However, in my opinion, there is one firearm that comes close to filling every role and that would be the lowly .22 long rifle.

Here are a few reasons why:
1) It is cheap and very common:, Compared to other firearms, you can buy a .22 rifle in whatever action you prefer for around $200.00 +/-.
2) It is light weight: Generally speaking, .22 caliber firearms are lighter in weight than other similar firearms mainly because they do not need to be constructed to withstand pressures as great as most other firearms.
3) The .22 caliber firearm is an inherently accurate round. They are easily capable of striking a target the same diameter of a .22 caliber bullet at 50 feet with open sights. With practice, most individuals will easily be able to hit an orange-sized target at 50 yards with a single shot every time.
4) Ammo is extremely common and inexpensive; about $20.00 for 500 rnds. Easily 1/5 the price of other popular rounds (like the .223 for example).
5) Ammo is light weight. Relatively speaking anyway. 500 rnds of .22 ammo weighs about 3 lbs. Whereas, 500 rnds of .223 ammo weighs about 15 lbs.
6) When dinner is sitting next to the road in the form of a rabbit - or turkey - or some other small critter and all you have is a .223, if you blast it with your trusty .223 you've just turned your dinner into a bloody lump of exploded flesh and bone (unless you're able to just hit the head) other words, whatever you're able to salvage equals a minor snack. That doesn't happen with a .22.
7) .22's are quiet. Well, in relation to other firearms like, that aforementioned .223 for example. Look, civilization has collapsed right? How much attention do you want to bring to yourself while you're out hunting for dinner? Your chances of being heard while shooting your .22 are a lot less than if shooting your .223.
8) Contrary to popular belief, a .22 round can indeed easily kill a person (I'll use a 'person' for the metric for the purpose of illustrating this point and because it's a statistic I know). If you line three people up front to back, the .22 bullet will pass through the first 2 and lodge in the last one - potentially killing all three. I know people who have bagged white-tailed deer with .22's. Head shots at 50 yards, but it can be done.

This post is NOT to say that all will be rainbows and puppy dogs if you rush out and buy a .22 rifle. What I'm attempting to illustrate here is that if you can not afford to get anything else, a .22 would be an excellent choice for the reasons outlined above. If you already have some other firearms, but not a .22 you should consider getting one for the reasons outlined above.

Delnorin said...


Part II:
Another considerations concerning firearms: Ammo.

Law enforcement and the Military currently (and predominantly) use 12 ga (shotgun), .223, 308, 9mm, 45 ACP and 40 S&W. For that reason, those rounds are also very popular among the citizenry of the US. Above I mentioned that I like the .22 and one of the reasons was because it is cheap to buy in quantity. Well, these other rounds would be easier to find after civilization crumbles simply because they are extremely popular and have been for a very long time. There is a huge amount of this ammo type in circulation around the country. This means that scavenging or trading for these ammo types is much more feasible than other ammo types like 375 H&H Mag or 44 Mag or something.

After all, if you run out of ammo what you have in your hands is nothing more than an expensive club.

So if you haven't settled on a firearm yet and are considering it, it may be a good idea to consider the availability of ammunition 'after the fall' especially if you aren't financially able to amass ammo now and plan to supplement your ammo stash 'after the fall' through scavenging or trading.

Just food for thought...

BMG said...

The reason the media, the race pimps (Jackson, Sharpton et. al.) and even the Attorney General and the President are encouraging black-on-white violence, civil unrest, and riots has absolutely nothing to do with racism as they claim. The vast majority of the population of this country is not racist. The worst racists in this country that I can think of are indeed, the media, the race pimps and our current 'so called' leadership!

No. The reason they are perpetuating this violence is simple:

1) The promotion of gun control.
2) The weakening of self-defense laws.
3) The expansion of hate crime and hate speech laws.
4) The supporting of reparations and other forms of special treatment for blacks.
5) To energize leftist political activists during an election year.

All of these things are things that a totalitarian government can not exist in conjunction with or are things that can undermine a Representative Republic. They absolutely do wish to fan the flames of racism in this country and indeed, they HAVE to do so in order to bring about their desired 'change' in government (From Representative Republic to Totalitarian Regime). At no time in our nation's history have we ever been closer to collapse than we are right now under the current 'progressive'/democrat 'leadership'. said...

Great post and comments. Trying my best to be prepared. Time is short.

Delnorin said...

Thank you Marie. Right now I'm packing my bug-out-bag that I'm going to keep in my vehicle. Water/Food/Ammo/Guns/First Aid/Binoculars/Survival Gear, etc.