Friday, June 8, 2012

The Gap

At one point the things I warned my friends and family about has this massive gap.  Let me explain.

When I expressed concern about the laws and rules our government kept piling on top of us I would get a shrug and a shake of the head that I was a loony and just making a big deal out of nothing.

When I ranted about more and more rights being taken away I was a goof ball.

When I raged about our freedoms being stripped from us I was a quack.

When I went ballistic about my privacy and the government gathering too much personal and private information on the Census and other tactics I was just a freak.

Take a listen to the link below...

Then come back and tell me if there's that much of a gap anymore.

Is there really that far of a distance between the things I've been warning about and how very real the link below really seems now?  Boil that frog man.. come on; you're almost cooked.

Ordering Your Pizza

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