Sunday, February 3, 2013

Obama Prepping The Military to Attack Citizens of the USA

I've been asking myself this question and others have approached me asking what I thought the military would do when Obama pushes too far and then calls the military to put down the American People.

I've had to be honest and answer those who asked me and tell them that a good 30% of those I served with in the military are very much socialists and would see no issue in attacking American citizens if they were ordered to; if it meant they were promoted and brought closer into the rings of power near the top.

70% though I have said would refuse to take orders to kill American citizens.

I believe though that the National Guard would have a far lower percentage that would accept and carry out such an order.  The National Guard in my view are not nearly as political and back stabbing and deceitful as those I encountered while in Active Duty.

Up until this point it has been a -feeling-... the path that Obama is on is one that is designed to bring the Country to the point of civil war.  And as such, you have to ask yourself how will you survive such an event. Will you become a slave to the government and turn your back on your neighbors to ensure your intake of food and medical care and protection from the government?  Or will you stand up and refuse to allow the government to subjugate the population into slaves for it's own power.

This blog entry is not about what your choice will be... it is to show a video where information has slipped out of the military in where the military leaders are being prepped and having the seeds of thought planted in their minds that some day soon... they will need to make that choice to shoot on their fellow American citizens.

Check out the video at 1:50 and onward.

The video below is part of that 70% I believe will not take such commands and follow through on them.

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