Sunday, February 24, 2013

Please Support These Companies

There are those that just stay quiet and let their freedoms get washed away for various reasons.  Perhaps they feel helpless.... what can they do against a tyrannical government?  Won't they be called a criminal and go to prison if they so no to their Nazi leaders?  Yes.. yes they may but I for one will not be that Jewish man calmly walking up into that cattle car at the train yard being led to the camps.

Stay quiet if you must, but as you do the Country you live in is being destroyed and you are quickening the arrival of all out civil war.

Or... you can grow a pair of balls and do something about it.  I'm not saying go into civil unrest (though you better prepare for that because it is coming).  What I'm saying is that when someone stands up against the bully get off the park bench and stand right behind them and look that bully right in the eye.  If that bully continues, we're going to whip it's tuckus.

The following companies in the last couple weeks have stood up against our tyrannical leaders.  The following companies have stopped selling firearms and ammunition to law enforcement agencies in states that are restricting the Second Amendment.

I am happy to say that before I saw this list I was already making purchases from at least one of these companies (thank you for the Ruger SR9C magazines).

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