Thursday, September 23, 2010

Arizona November Ballot Proposals

I got a very in-depth Ballot Proposition public pamphlet (book) in the mail that was issued by the Arizona Secretary of State.  It puts every proposition out there for all to read and breaks down it's purpose for each proposition in a summary or layman's terms in case you don't want to read through all the legal wording.  So, I read both.

I made up my own quick Yes / No summary of each proposition.  Many of them give me great encouragement and pride in my new State.  No nostalgia for Michigan with me any longer.

Proposition 106
                Yes: Rejects National Healthcare plan, tells the Feds to stuff it.
                No: Accepts Obamacare

Proposition 107
                Yes: Ban affirmative action programs.
                No: Keeps giving jobs to people that aren’t earning them and punishing you if you are
                a white male.

Proposition 109
                Yes: Allows State and citizens to be the people in charge of fishing and hunting, tells
                 the Feds to stuff it.
                No: Allows Federal government to continue making more laws against hunting and
                fishing in Arizona.

Proposition 110
    Yes: Changes Arizona constitution to tell Feds to stuff it when it comes to what the
    State wants to do with its own land.
                No: Lets the Feds continue to take away land and control what the State does with
                its own land.

Proposition 111
                Yes: Put a 2 term limit on Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State treasurer, attorney
                general and superintendent of public instruction. / Also other executive branch
                No: Keep loopholes for corrupt politicians in the future to manipulate.

Proposition 112
                Yes: Requires ballot propositions to be extended from 4 months to 6 months
                submission before the election.
                No: Keep the 4 month time limit on submitting ballot propositions.

Proposition 113
                Yes: guarantees the right to vote by secret ballot when local, state or federal
                 law permits or requires an election.
                No: Can let people force you to vote without a secret ballot.

Proposition 203
                Yes: Allow medical marijuana
                No: Keep drugs illegal

Proposition 301
     Yes: Land Conservation Fund (donated $’s) must be used on acquiring and
     conserving State land and conservative land practices used on current State land.
                 No: Don’t allow the funds gathered so far to be spent yet.

Proposition 302
                Yes: Separate Early Childhood Development and Health fund money from
                general funds (accounting, etc). / Terminate the Early Childhood Dev. And Health
                Fund program. / Prepeal the Early Childhood Dev and Health Program laws.
                The $0.80 per pack tax on tobacco products would be continued and used to
                distribute money to programs and grants that increase quality of and access to
                early childhood dev. And health services for children up to 5 years of age and
                their families. (Translation: Removes the Bureaucracy and cuts out red tape and
                does all the same work).  
                No: Keep inefficient government bureaucracy wasting money that is supposed
                to go to children health programs.

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