Monday, September 6, 2010

BOO on ASU !

So, I've gone this far in life on two associates degrees and I'm pondering expanding one or two of those into a Bachelors degree.

I've changed much as a person since back in the late 1980's and my challenge is to find a fulfilling career or area of study that is conservative in nature.  My associates degrees are 'Natural Resources' and 'Water Quality'.

The Natural Resources degree is incredible but unrealistic.  It was the main degree during college that gave you hope for an exciting future.  Working in a fisheries department, forestry, wildlife management, State Parks system, Park Ranger, etc.  Working outside and in nature would be outstanding and fulfilling on so many levels.

My problem though with getting work in this degree is that they are State run departments and I can't humanly score high enough on the tests to get my foot in the door.  I am a white male in America trying to find work in a politically correct world.  I can score 100% on my civil service tests and not even come close to landing an interview.  On the other hand, a black (+5%) woman (+5%) with a bumb knee (+5%) that is on a medical discharge from the military (+5%) with an alternative lifestyle (+ infinite%) can score 75% on the same test and be a shoe-in for the position.

That was the reality of the degree once I got out of college and couldn't find a job or even the opportunity for an interview.

The Water Quality degree was a slightly better chance.  The problem there was I had to have a State License and I couldn't take the State License test until I had experience, but no one would hire me to get experience until I had the License.  Oh yes, government at its best.

So... that is how I found myself going into the United States Air Force in 1992 and working in Water and Wastewater (sewer) within Civil Engineering.  4+ years of experience was the big door that opened up that career for me.  I had the experience that convinced the States to allow me to test for the Licensing as well as the +5% to my civil service tests.

I got my foot in at the ground level of a water treatment plant in Southwestern Michigan and that's where my real career started in 1996.

Since then the ceiling of career advancement has been the management and supervisory positions where the golden children manicured for those positions have bachelors degrees.  Mind you, they don't have to be in engineering, hydraulics, chemistry.. anything useful.. but things like Psychology seem just fine to get you into these better paying positions with more responsibility.
So, here I am in Arizona now looking for a University to pool my 4+ years of college under my belt into a useful bachelors degree.  While I'm at it, why don't I develop a degree that I can be excited about?  And, that leads me to this article.

I brought up Arizona State University's website to check out their online classes (and schoolroom also) and see what degree programs they might have that really tug at my interest and I start looking into their Political Science program.

This is where my smile got turned upside down.

"... as citizens in a democratic political system and to flourish in the rapidly developing globalization of the world's...."

Um.. EXCUSE ME ?!?!

We are a Republic, not a democracy.  Developing globalization?
How about: Train our students in how to promote individualism, small government, personal responsibility and freedom?

I mean, I would expect this drivel and mind-numbing communist crap in Michigan, California, Oregon, Washington... okay.. in 40 of the 50 States.. but Arizona?  Come on, I thought I moved into a conservative State?

What are other's experiences in trying to further their education?  Is there any hope of getting a conservative education?

How do you fix the system around you?  Get involved right?  But to get involved you have to go through this indoctrination process from the enemy.  I know for certain that I would never pass a class that force fed this communist drivel.  Every three minutes I'd stand up and raise my hand and call out, "Um.. excuse me Sir.. where are your facts on that?  Sir.. I don't want to be disrespectful but your theories of government have shown over the centuries to rape the freedoms of the citizens of any countries they have been tried, lowered the standard of living of the citizens and ended in the murder of hundreds of thousands of the citizens as the ruling class of dictators in the government feel threatened when the country wakes up and revolts."

Perhaps this is more of a vent than an article, but what are some of you others experiences in dealing with trying to find higher education that is actually WORTH your hard earned money?

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