Thursday, September 23, 2010

U.S. Government Reveals Plan for One World Government

How many times do you have to jump up and down in front of people to get their attention on this issue?

I will type slowly so that people that still don't 'get it' might have one last time.  I feel like Noah getting ready to close the door while the storm clouds are forming and it's starting to rain.

One last time... please...  WAKE UP !!

Our own United States Government has released it's own study on it's direction and progress into the future.

You can download a copy of it directly from the government website so that you can remove one more conspiracy theory fog from your eyes and perhaps see the light of day.
Download the Report Here

Here are a few excerpts from the document you will probably just ignore and go back to watching your television after reading.

-Effect: By 2025 a single "international community" composed of nation-states will no longer exist. Power will be more dispersed with the newer players bringing new rules of the game while risks will increase that the traditional Western alliances will weaken. Rather than emulating Western models of political and economic development, more countries may be attracted to China's alternative development model.

-We do not believe that we are headed toward a complete breakdown of the international system, as occurred in 1914-1918 when an earlier phase of globalization came to a halt. In other words, they don't believe we can stop them this time.

-"In terms of size, speed, and directional flow, the transfer of global wealth and economic power now under way-roughly from West to East-is without precedent in modern history"

Watch the Messiah and his demons.. um.. I mean minions speak openly about their plan for this:

Tick Tock Doc, Time is almost up.

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