Sunday, October 3, 2010

Progressive Hate Rally Builds on Lying Foundational Principals

Okay, let's see the photos he's referring to.

In case you are curious, the picture on the left is the Restoring Honor Rally put on by Glenn Beck.  The one on the right is from Hate Inc.

8/28 was a day in which those that gathered turned to God, prayed and where people decided that the way to improve our country was to Love each other, pray for each other and to lead moral and upright lives as examples to our children.  People from all over the country bought plane tickets, bus tickets, rented buses, carpooled and found their way to D.C. to meet like-minded people and to pray together.

Oh dear, that's not acceptable.

The logical response is to have unions and government supported organizations to pay for people to get transported to D.C. and show up screaming hate and promoting greed, laziness, dishonesty, profanity and moral corruption.

Even though there are only a handful of people that came to D.C. this past Saturday for this purpose and that they were paid and encouraged to attend by no less than a dozen communist and union groups across the country (see sponsors) it still breaks my heart that so many people are filled and motivated by anger and hate and are so fully enslaved in the armies of Lucifer.

So many lost... so many lost...

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