Friday, October 29, 2010

Who are you? And who are those that stand against you?

Greater minds than mine have expressed the importance of "knowing your enemy".  Those seem like harsh words or ideas from an unforgiving and cruel person; perhaps someone filled with hate.

Who would have an enemy?  Someone at war?  Someone in a fight or a struggle for life?

Enemy is a term used with great weight and seriousness.  It is not a term you toss out to someone you have a disagreement with.  It is not a term you use if you have a squabble with someone under most situations in your life.  It's the term you use when it's a "me or them" situation.

Enemy is a term you use for the person that will kill you and destroy you if you do not deal with them.

To understand then who our enemy is, we have to understand who we are and what we believe.

In the following video clips are taken from Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally in Washington D.C. back on 8/28/2010.  With the clips is played the music video from a lady named Krista Branch.

If you watch the video you will find out with stark clarity exactly what the movement sweeping across this country is all about.  You will find out that it stands for:
1. Restoring out country in a relationship with God.
2. Living lives of honor, integrity and character.
3. Loving others, helping others and living selfless lives where we give the fruit of labor and the sweat of our brow to care for those among us that need help.

So I ask you.  Who is our Enemy?  Who stands against our country returning to a relationship with God?  Who stands against living lives of honor, integrity and character?  Who stands against becoming personally involved in charity and helping those in need in your communities?

What sort of a person/people is trying to keep you from God?  Keep you from being honest in all things in your life?  Keep you from doing the right thing and standing up for people that are being unjustly wrong by others?

Do not be so naive as to think they are just voicing an opinion different than yours.  They laugh at you and your simpleton thinking.  They have come straight out and looked you directly in the eye and said they are here to destroy you.  They are here to rip God from this country and replace him with the worship of their new government.  They are not hiding behind doors and making deals in back rooms.  They are blatantly in your face and laughing and mocking you.

Who is our enemy?

Who wants to keep you from God?

I think the answer is so plain it doesn't even need to be said.

Pick your side.  I have.

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