Monday, October 4, 2010

The Road We Are Traveling Down With Environmentalists

I had this video linked on my Facebook page but thought it would be important to record it here on my blog at the same time.  I am linking to the YouTube video here but when I get home from work I will download a copy of the video so that when it is scrubbed from the internet I can keep it active and keep them from burrying this video and hiding it.

The BBC had an interview where a lady telling the reporter that she thinks most mothers would put a pillow over their childs faces and smother them to death if they had an incurable disease.  She was confident that most mothers would kill their children if they were in pain.

I found a video of the above and am including it into this article now.

The slippery slope (this is an old term used by fanatics back in the 1980's when they tried to explain that removing God from schools would lead to more violence and troubled children, etc, etc, etc....and where laughed at.. and now proven true)... has led us to the point where if you disagree with us... killing you is the obvious answer, (shrug)... and on we go without one world government earth worship religion.

I have added another video below which covers both of the above and expounds on this problem.


janayanorr said...

Is it really such a stretch to call them extremists? Last I checked, blowing up school children, or anyone for that matter, over a difference in opinion was akin to PETA extremists, or a little known group called Al Qaeda.

But I guess I just missed the humor in this.

Carl McPherson said...

I don't think it was meant to be humorous. I think it was meant to be a threat.
Follow... bow down to the religion of earth worship... or we will kill you so you are not taking up valuable resources.
Many of their policies point to this as an end result if you disagree with them.