Friday, November 19, 2010

Coming To An Airport Near You

How about that, my little corner of the world, Grand Rapids, Michigan has got their own special batch of sexual assailants as well.

This sure is spreading fast.  The little airport we fly into when we fly back to Michigan isn't safe any longer either.

I wasn't all that surprised when we were coming back from Colorado last week that they pulled my 11 year old daughter to the side for enhanced searching; after all, she is an American girl of 11 years old, those are high up on the threat list right?

Anyway, here is the video of more of the jack-boot thugs man-handling the citizens.

Here's another video of a little old lady getting a T&A person putting their hand down INSIDE of their underware!!

Next we have a flight attendent that survived cancer getting humiliated in public.  She's on her way to work (IN THE PLANE) and they still force her to take out her prosthetic breast and show it to them.

( Article and Video Here)

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