Friday, November 5, 2010

Do We Have This All Upside Down?

In those hours before waking up things come across my mind that seem utter genius.  After some hours of being awake they occasionally drift into silly recollection and I wonder why they seemed so brilliant when I was sleeping and so much nonsense after I've been awake for a bit.

This article/entry is about my thought this morning before waking up.

Currently in the U.S. Government a simple majority is only needed to pass a bill in the House of Representatives, and then again in the Senate and then to become law it needs to be signed by the President (if Vetoed it goes back and needs a 2/3rd's vote to bypass the veto).

To repeal a law already in place you need a 2/3rd's vote.

So it got me thinking in my sleep that it sure is easier to pass a law than it is to get rid of it.

Does it not seem straight forward that to pass a new law (removal of the peoples freedoms, pass more taxes, tax away more rights and privileges of the people) that you only need 51% of a vote.  But to pull back those intrusive and troublesome laws that were found out to be done in good faith, but were very horrible and terrible laws to begin with... you would need a 67% vote.

I think it is upside down.

I know it will never happen but this is the way I think it should be.

I think it should take a 67% vote to pass a new law/regulation/tax/theft of freedoms bill by congress and the Senate and it should only take a 51% vote to repeal it completely.

Is this a crazy early morning concept, or an actual decent and solid idea?

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