Tuesday, November 16, 2010

George Benard Shaw and Your School

I have to ask if you have ever heard of George Bernard Shaw.  If not I will give you a brief history lesson on him.

He is a left/democrat icon in history that was a media proponent of Eugenics.  He offered the extream option to the worlds problems.  His idea was that if a person could not contribute enough to society, then they needed to be done away with.  If a person did not contribute a sum total greater than their consumption, then they were a drain on socity as a whole and thus kept society from reaching it's potential.

For the good of mankind, they needed to be killed off.

His buddy of course was Adolf Hitler.

The reason I am offering this small history lesson is that I work with a guy that has very similar views.  He is perfectly logical and compasionate in his beliefs that if grandmother stops remembering your name, then you really -should- kill her for the good of society.

It's been eating at me how someone can so calmly decide such a thing and be so calm and relaxed about it in their mind.  They actually believe themselves as compasionate for killing someone else.

Here is another small video of the concept where someone honestly thinks it is compasionate to kill a child if they get sick.

So, we know this truly exists and it's not just some crazy blogger ranting about some no-longer held concept in the world.  But, it is truly alive and well and triving in people all around us.

The link to the schools I now wish to bring in is that schools are now (and have been) sending letters home with students to inform their parents that their children are overweight.

( Flagstaff, AZ Sends Letters Home to Parents )

Oh, it's just their concern.  They want the best for the children of course.  They're just trying to look out to make sure that those few parents that are just too stupid to know that their child is heavier than the neighbor kid, get educated in how best to care for the needs of their child.

This also gives us the logic behind giving the children condoms, drug advice and education, instruction on the best ways for oral sex, etc, etc.

The government has become immesurably involved in what is allowed, what is promoted, what is enforced and what is pushed in the lives of our children in our public schools.


The link I believe is this:  That compasionate need to care for other peoples kids, educate the parents, modify the lifestyles and decisions of the children and the need for control of the most minute decisions of a child is the same mindset and base principal behind Eugenics.

Our teachers unions have been in bed with the far left/socialists in this country for a very long time.  Now the Communist Party USA has linked arms with the American Teacher's Unions with like minded goals and purposes.

Is it any surprise that the communist and the Nazi's (National -socialist-/democrat Party) are working together to create their perfect society where the government decides who lives and dies, the genetics of who is weeded out of our world and done away with?

It is my claim that the beliefs of George Benard Shaw and of Adolf Hitler is alive and well in the United States of America.  Those beliefs are alive and well in our Public Schools and in the good meaning marxists which are our union member teachers in our schools.

I implore you, I beg of you.. find a way to homeschool your children or get them into a private charter school or private school.

Our public schools are broken and their unions will control your children to the point of government spies (read Nazi history) or elimination for the purpose of their perfect one world government.

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