Friday, May 14, 2010

1958 Prediction - 100% Accurate and Still People Ignore It

Here is John Birch Society founder Robert Welch speaking in Los Angeles in 1958.

See if you can help me pick out the things that he says that are happening today.

He is predicting where the socialist/communists/liberals will try and take America.

1. Piece by piece remove American sovereignty through international organizations.
2. Greatly expanded government spending, as wastefully as possible.
3. Higher and then much higher taxes.
4. An increasingly unbalanced budget.
5. Wild inflation of the currency.
6. Government control of prices, wages and materials.
7. Greater socialistic controls over every operation of the economy and every activity of daily lives.
8. Huge increase in the size of bureaucracy.
9. Far more centralization of power in Washington, practical elimination of State lines.
10. Advance federal aide and control over educational system.
11. Constant brainwashing about the horror of war, the absolutely necessity of peace at all costs.
12. Work to get American People to allow the appeasement of our government; a peace-meal surrender.

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