Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Fall of Man and Children that are Fair

I first posted this on Facebook on December 22nd, 2008.

I woke up this morning being contemplative.
I began to think about the subcontract worker that I work with every night and the difficulties we have of communicating technical / chemistry / hydrolics with a rather large language gap between us.
Of all the things one man can talk to another about I think the most important is to see if they are in a right relationship with Jesus Christ and if not, lay out before them why and how and then leave it between them and God.
So I started thinking.. how best to not to bring it up because I'm not real shy about things so important. But; with the language problem how best to explain Salvation and what and why Christ came to earth, etc.

Then my ADHD type mind (I'm not btw, I am a genius and people are scared of it and call it ADHD. Hee-hee) started with step one... Man is fallen, evil at birth, etc.

So then my mind jumped to children and how people always go on and on about the innocence of children and I got to really thinking about it.

Are they really all that innocent?

Sure, they haven't stolen money out of your wallet yet. Sure, they haven't lied to you and sneaked out of the house yet and told you half-truths to do this or that with their friends and bend and break the boundaries you have for them in your family.. but....

Kids are HUGE into being fair right? We all have to have the same amount of pudding or the same size of cracker when it's broken in half... right?

I hypothesize that it is not the desire to be fair. But to make sure THEY GET what is DUE them !!

It's baby greed. Me me me. I want. If I have to share 1/2 then I have to but I sure as heck am NOT got to let the other kid have more than me.

The great (modern) American dream has begun at 2 years old. Me Me Me.. More... Greed!

Yep, Man is fallen. No matter how adorable children are they are a sinful creature just as much as I was/am.

Man, too much thinking makes evangelism weird. :)

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