Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why I Will Never Support John McCain

Let me say something at the beginning: This is not an article about a solution to all things border, illegal immigration or being compassionate to those in need.  This is specifically about Senator John McCain and how he can not be trusted.  The previous two sentences though -do- give me great ideas for future blog posts though.  But, this is not about those topics.

I will be straight up with you and tell you I did NOT vote for John McCain in this past presidential election.  Obviously, I also did not vote for Obama.

I will save my frustration with the primary elections; and how we can never seem to get the decent people to the top of the ticket for another blog entry.  This one is to cover the issues I have with John McCain and why I refuse to vote for him for Senate here this fall in Arizona.

My major issues with Mr. John McCain and why I can never support him in any fashion, is that he can look you straight in the eye and lie to you without blinking.

Ask my supervisor in Baghdad how I dealt with people that looked me right in the eye and lied to me.  I put my foot down not lightly, but I stomp it down so hard that the earth shakes around me.  I DO NOT deal with people lying to me!

So, what does this have to do with John McCain?

Here in Arizona 76% of the citizens are tired of being the #2 kidnap capital of the world, they’re tired of drug crime going up 202% in the last 16 months, they’re tired of the financial collapse of the social programs by people breaking the law and sneaking in to take advantage of our charitable programs.

So, where does John McCain, a U.S. Senator from Arizona stand on the issue?

Well, in 2006 he put forward a bill with Ted Kennedy to offer amnesty to all the criminals that broke into this country.  2006 was not an election year for him so what his true beliefs are come to the surface when he is not in fear of losing his position.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (link here)

Now it is 2010 and it is an election here for his Senate seat in Arizona; time to switch his views overnight.  So now, every other minute on the radio is filled with him being patriotic again, caring about the rule of law, caring about the people of Arizona and the United States once more.

We have this video (below) being played out here that will make you vomit if you know how absolutely opposite McCain has been on this issue for the last six years.  Now, its election year and he expects Arizona citizens not to remember everything he has been doing for six years.

In a way, he is smart.  I know that the vast majority of people pay zero attention to anything political after Election Day; the rare person even goes and votes.  Most that DO vote are mindless drones that flip on the television and watch the commercial that makes them feel the best and then goes and votes.  Step out of the voting booth and, “there – that is all the responsibility I have for the next 4-6 years”.

So, we know he was the co-founder of a bill in 2006 to grant amnesty to millions of criminals that broke into our country.  Has he proven his stripes on this issue of the border and securing this State and our country other than that bill?

There are well over 61 glaring “flip-flops” on what he supports and opposes that I can document, give interviews of with him, webpages quoting him, etc.  The border issue is just one.

At first, I was going to go point by point through all 61+ issues to prove he cannot be trusted.  That no matter who you are if you do not pay attention you will think he is ‘on your side’.  He is on no one’s side other than his own.

Here is a video someone has put together of just a hand full of his taking both sides of every issue to make whomever he is talking to at the moment think that he is on their side.

  • 'I'm Genuinely Speechless,' writes Allahpundit at conservative Hot Air.
Pandering is one thing, shameless careerist pandering is something else, and then
there's John "Goddamned Fence" McCain marching along the border in a
badass Navy baseball cap looking like he could choke out a coyote with
his bare hands.

 Rather than myself going point by point for weeks.. if you are interested in getting more data to prove he is a lying piece of human trash.. check out the links below:


* Attacking Terrorists In Pakistan

* Defense Spending

* Detention Of Detainees

* Divestment And Sanctions

* Donald Rumsfeld

* Henry Kissinger

* Illegal Wiretapping

* Law Of The Sea Convention

* Long-Term Troop Presence In Iraq

* Negotiations With Hamas

* Negotiations With Syria

* Normalization Of Relations With Cuba

* Nuclear Reactors

* Nuclear Waste Storage At Yucca Mountain

* Rogue State Rollback

* Torture

* 21st Century GI Bill

* Ethanol

* Everglades Restoration

* Offshore Drilling

* Criticizing The Media

* Katrina Investigations

* Lobbyists

* The Wyly Brothers


* AIG Bailout

* Americans Live Better Under Bush

* Balancing The Budget

* Bush Tax Cuts

* Earmarks For Arizona

* Fairness Of The Estate Tax

* Job Losses In Michigan

* Social Security Privatization

* Tobacco Industry Regulations

* Windfall Profits Tax

* The Dream Act

* Comprehensive Immigration Reform

* The Confederate Flag

* Jerry Falwell And The Religious Right

* The NRA

* Teaching Intelligent Design

* Gay Marriage Amendment

* Abortion Exceptions

* Repealing Roe v. Wade

* Taxpayer Funding For Contraception In Africa

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