Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Church and Taboos

I first posted this on Facebook on December 11th, 2008.

I'm sitting down just now after waking up and getting ready for the day to read my Bible and I'm reading in John chapter 2 and come up on Jesus' very first miracle (sign).
If you started your miracles what would you want it to be? Raise someone from the dead? Feed 10,000 hungry people? Walk on Water? What amazing and glorious thing would you do?
Jesus made wine for a party at a wedding.
Now, 2000+ years later and their is this hush hush taboo on alcohol in the Church and it confuses me.
I was raised with the fear of alcohol, the shame, the NO NO NO of it.
I was 27 years old before any ever touched my lips.
My entire life I've heard the pro's and con's on both sides of the issue but I have to ask myself if Jesus not only drank wine; but his first miracle was to make 120 gallons of fine high quality wine for people nearing the end of a party where they'd already had a great deal of wine... what's wrong with it?
I believe it's a matter of moderation and self control.
It doesn't matter if it's alcohol, sex or even sugar. Too much of a good thing is unhealthy and needs to be addressed.
Myself, I never have more than 1 drink ever, and it always has to be with a meal. I refuse to ever be 'drunk'. That, I feel would be a sin.

But why the big taboo within the church? Is it a self-righteousness like the phrasies where they are trying to be more righteous than God himself to boast of their good works?

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