Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Purpose of "Free Speech While It Lasts"

I have been encouraged to start a blog and apparently that's all it takes to get this ball rolling.

I have been rather active as of late posting thoughts about God, my country, politics, history and various other items on Facebook.

I thought it best to construct a location away from Facebook for a couple reasons:

1. What friends I have remaining can check out my entries here in a more leisurely fashion where I have more editing freedom and space to rant on to my hearts content.
2. Those on Facebook that are tired of hearing me talk politics don't have to read what I have to say, and maybe I won't be 'un-friended' any more. (grin)

To start out I am likely to cut/paste (with a little editing to make it pretty) a few of my Facebook notes and 'articles' to give this place a flavor and a base on which to build.

Wish me luck (finger's crossed).

Carl McPherson

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