Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Slippery Slope, We Are In Free Fall Now


Within the first month of his presidency our president made sure the first thing he did was to increase your tax dollars to pay for more abortions overseas. Nice.

Dozens and dozens of sources can confirm this; so I'll just use the Communist News Network (the one the enemy trusts) to show I'm not blind by some untrusable news source only.
cnn.com (link here)


The government has put their fingers into the banking industry to force them to give loans to people for houses that they previously had refused. If you know someone has a very high chance of never paying for money you lend them, you don't lend them the money. It's the way banks are set up. Would -you- give several thousand dollars to someone that has proven they can't be trusted with their own money yet? Let alone -your-money?

But, the government stepped in and forced banks by strong arming them and threatening them until they complied. (I am talking George Bush here people.. our problems go back several presidents).

So... when; sure enough; people started to default on their home loans in droves in a growing snowball of financial collapse the government stepped in and started giving the banks billions of dollars and then passing the 1.75 Trillion mark.  Trillion.. that's with a T.

We all know this as recent history but again I'll us another pro-communist news source to show I'm not biased:
msnbc.com (link here)

So now our government has more and more influence, control and say in privately owned banks. Like a parasite, it sucks on the life of it's host and grows in size and influence.

Housing Industry

Next, our government turned it's attention to more government control and took over the auto-industry. Rather than letting a company that has proven it is incapable of sustaining itself with bloated pensions, benefits, pay and abhorrent business practices; our government decided it was better to spend billions of your money to keep a colossal failure going.

Bush started it (link here).

Sourcing from another communist (what our government won't argue with as a reputable source) site; Obama starts with a tiny little nudge himself.. only $275,000,000,000 (that is billion).
NY Times (link here)

McCain is in the same bed with the same agenda as well.  Expanding government control of every aspect of your life.  This parasite needs to be removed from his Senate position this fall during the 2010 election.
McCain Is No Different (link here)

Miranda Rights
Now the Obama administration is telling us that the Miranda Rights that all Citizens of the United States are to be read upon arrest needs to be modified.  If our government suspects you as having ties to terrorist activity you immediately lose your rights.  Not proven mind you.. but just suspected.  Sounds like a slippery slope right?  Just wait.

Source is another communist funded government media source. (link here)

So, the government decides that anyone at a Tea Party is a terrorist.. (that really a far stretch?  Have you seen the ground work they are laying to make the claim?  Somehow thousands of senior citizens praying and singing the national anthem is a terrorist group)... and you suddenly lose your right to a lawyer.  And if you keep your mouth shut and don't answer their questions.. sorry.. you are guilty; welcome to a life in prison (if you are lucky and they just don't kill you on the spot).

College Loans

Ah.. you have noticed that I skipped over health care?  It gets pretty difficult you see to keep track of all the things our government is socializing and taking over ownership of.

Did you know that in that wonderful health care bill.. the government now controls who does and who does not get ANY loans for going to college?  They now have the option of deciding what the country needs and to approve or disapprove any students loan application if they do or do not agree to enter the career the government wants them to.

We need more iron workers.. you Tom are an iron worker.  We need more carpenters... you Jan are a carpenter.

Again hundreds of places you can Google to source this information.
Here is just one (link here)

Tracking All U.S. Citizens

Now Big Brother.. Um.. I mean our government is pressing to be allowed to track all comrades.. I mean citizens by their cellphones.  To keep track of where you are, what you are doing, when you are where, etc.  Oh.. and they want to do this without any proof or reasonable reason to a judge.  They simply want a police state.
Again with the sources... (link here)

Free Speech Puts You On The Terrorist List
Now, our President has been ranting about misinformation, dangerous thinking, and threatening ideas on the internet.. so they are pushing to have the FCC declare the internet a "Public Utility" so that they can enforce regulations on it like they do radio.  What you can post on the internet, what you can not post on the internet. What is safe and what is unsafe.  What is government approved and what is not government approved.  Do you disagree with something the government is doing?  Sorry.. you don't get to use the internet.
Again, many sources, this is just one. (link here)


Government took over our the best health care in the world.
Government took over the auto industry.
Government took over the banking industry.
Government took over the housing industry.
Government ramped up maximum available killing of children.
Government is taking away your Miranda Rights if you disagree with them or speak out.
Government is taking over the internet so they can silence anyone that speaks up.
Government is tracking you without a warrant and following you.

I'm just getting started.

Now you know why the title of my blog is "Free Speech While It Lasts".

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