Saturday, May 15, 2010

Radical Islam Does Not Exist

There is no difference between Islam and "radical Islam". I am telling you right now that they are one in the same thing.

First, listen to Attorney General Eric Holder do everything he can to play clueless while being questioned. The reason he is stumped and confused is because he's being forced to answer a question about "radical Islam".. when he knows for a fact there is nothing radical about it at all. The entire religion is radical and is holding true to its Koran. There is no 'extreme' edge.

There are the parts of Islam that get revealed when they kill other people; and then there is the rest of Islam that is the social face they put on to work into your society to better kill you.

Colonel Allen West answers a Marines Question and lays out the facts of Islam.

Oh dear, someone is sticking to the facts. We can't have that.

While Colonel Allen West answers the question straight up factual and truthfully, I am ashamed that it is not the norm. Why is it shocking for him to be honest? It's shocking because we live in a world where Truth is so seldom heard that is seems alien to our ears.

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