Sunday, May 9, 2010

Balancing Your Checkbook

I first posted this on Facebook on November 4th, 2008.

Where I did not vote for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama for President I think of these next 4-8 years as balancing my checkbook.

As a country I believe we have gone a great deal too long just assuming there was money in the account and we could go right along cashing checks.

The checks I'm referring to are "This Christian Country", "In God We Trust" on our money, The Ten Commandments in our court houses. So many times we (I) assumed that (OF COURSE) this is the way it is, we are a Christian Nation.

It is a foolish things to assume, especially when confronted with the reality of the world around me 24/7 on the Teli/News showing me how very much non-Christian this nation really is.

So, the checkbook has been balanced and we are now looking at large RED numbers on the bottom line balance.

Will we stop ignoring the facts now and do something about it? Will we realize the fact is that as a Christian, I/we are very very very much in the minority in this country.

I don't expect the country to do a big about-face. Honestly I see it going into a very very dark place beyond what I can even dream up right now. I don't want to preach doom and gloom; but only remind everyone what happens when a nation turns their back on God.

Maybe the balancing of the checkbook will shake some foundations and put some Christians on their knees. Maybe we should run for office? Maybe? Hmm.

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