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Federalist Papers vs. Anti-Federalist Papers

I posted this on Facebook on April 25th, 2010.

By Carl L. McPherson

The Federalist Papers being the work of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay worked diligently to educate the public through 85 letters and articles to back and get support for the new U.S. Constitution.
The Federalist believed the U.S. Constitution was full and encompassing in its creation and did not need such things as the Bill of Rights, that the U.S. Constitution as it was created already protected those rights.
The actual Federalist Papers to educate yourselves on them:

Contrasting however were men writing the "Anti-Federalist Papers". Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, George Mason, Richard Henry Lee, Robert Yates (the politician), James Winthrop and James Monroe.
The Anti-Federalist Papers stressed the great concern that the new U.S. Constitution would give far too much power to a central government. The great concern was that a powerful government would be formed that would just replace the tyranny which they had just fled in Europe.
Of very high concern was the creation of the courts and judges. The belief was that such a system would be far too powerful and intrusive over individual freedoms.

North Carolina and Rhode Island were so opposed to these assaults on their freedom that they refused to the very end not to ratify the constitution until the definite establishment of the new government forced them. Even so they pushed ahead for the Bill of Rights for they knew the government without them would be far too oppressive and the President would become another King.

As other States signed on they followed this lead and made stipulations that if a Bill of Rights was not included they would withdrawal their ratification of the U.S. Constitution.. and so followed the Bill of Rights.

Though the Anti-Federalist failed in that they were unable to stop the forming of the U.S. Constitution; their concerns and wisdom spread across the country and was the reason for the Bill of Rights.

Without the Anti-Federalist we would not have:


I suppose if we are happy that we have a right to Free Speech we can thank those that were not trusting of our Federal Government.

If we are thankful the government can't seize whatever we own that they think they want at the time (land, house, cattle, anything); we can thank those that were not trusting of our Federal Government.

If you enjoy that concept of a jury, that you can not be held in jail for years by the government without a trial, or that you have a right to legal counsel and can't just be locked away for speaking out.. or having been falsely accused of something; we can thank those that were not trusting of our Federal Government.

If you enjoy the right to protect yourself from violent and deadly attack, we can thank those that were not trusting of our Federal Government.

If you like the fact that the Federal Government is limited and not a Monarchy that can rule over the individual States with an iron fist... oh.. well maybe we don't have that right any longer.

So, when you see tea party people gathering there is a very long historical precedent for mistrusting the Federal Government and wanting to keep it on a tight leash. They came from monarchies, from Kings and Iron Fisted rule. They had risked their lives (many did and died along the way as well) for freedom and they did not wish to watch it so simply and easily be traded away for convenience.

It is not easy to get up off the couch and go out to stand up for freedom, for few realize a world where they truly were free. Complacency and now Apathy have spread over our country so that people from across the world understand what freedom we have/had better than we do.

Freedoms are slowly being picked at, chipped away and slowly removed (go ahead and check out the Bill of Rights and see if you can remember any political discussions over your life about any of them and do a little research about how the Federal Government and the court systems have time and again crafty went around the Bill of Rights so that the Government could justify what acts they wished to do upon the people at the time).

So, next time you see the tea party on the television, realize it is a group of people that just does not want to be ruled by a King or a Government that takes away all the freedoms they hold dear. They do not want to be slaves like their ancestors were.

My question is: If you are not with the tea party, then why do you want a Federal Government to strip away all your freedoms and put you into slavery? What is wrong with saying you want to be a free people?

I am just confused why everyone wouldn't want freedom if they are given the choice. But then.. I'm confused by many things. Like the woman that stays with the man that beats her. Why? Nobody knows; not even her. But she does.

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