Sunday, May 9, 2010

Give Them a Slice of Bread and They Will Demand the Bakery

I originally posted this on Facebook on January 2nd, 2009.

So.. I'm reading in John like you all know and after Jesus crosses the lake (walking on water) and then teleports the boat and everyone to the opposite shoreline the group of thousands left behind wonder where he's at the next morning...

So they know that the deciples got on this boat to head to the other side of the lake but they don't know where Jesus went so they head off and cross over on other boats and catch up with the deciples and say, "Hey.. where's Jesus?"

Jesus comes up.... "So... you follow me because you want more food eh?" The people are all happy and smiles, "What does God want from us?" Jesus offers to them, "He wants you to believe in the one who sent, Me."

Oh.. we'll believe.. if you feed us again.


Loser Welfare Punks! (Okay, that sounds a little harsh, but still)

I want my X-Box and then I'll believe!

How can you offer people help with their needs without them expecting it and becoming pathetic? I want my government cheese! I want my food stamps so I can sell them and buy more BEER and Cigarettes!! Now! Mine! Mine!l

See Previous post about children and greed. Is it that people just never grow up and learn responsibility and a dozen other things that -should- be learned in life?


Sorry, just get frustrated when I see so many people living at the bottom of life working themselves to death (or trying to) and then we have this big part of society that just sits back and complains that they aren't given enough free stuff while they do absolutely nothing to earn any of it.

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